There are many fun things to do with the Pi that have nothing to do with crunching complex mathematical equations or performing geometric calculations. In fact, the mainstream public has taken to pi unlikely most other mathematical symbols or constructs.

Here are a couple of the entertaining activites you can do with pi.

Celebrate Pi Day

Pi Day, also known as Pi Approximation Day, is an unofficial holiday based on the numbers 3.14. In United States, the day comes out to be March 14th, which is also Albert Einstein's birthday. Some people take a step further a celebrate Pi Minute; that is, March 14th, 1:59 am (or pm).

Though due to date formatting concerns, there is another date that could provide a better day to celebrate pi. This is because the fraction 22/7 is a much better approximation of pi than 3.14. Since European dates are formatted dd/mm, this comes out to be July 22nd.


What can you do to celebrate Pi Day? Here are some activities:


  • Bake a Pi Day pie. Get it? Pi and Pie are homonyms. Plus, who doesn't like pie?

  • Memorize pi to as many digits as you can. It is rumored that the record is over 83,000 digits.

  • Sing a Pi Day song.

  • Recite a piem.


A piem (pi + poem) is a type of poem written in such a way in that each word's length (in letters) in the poem represents a digit of pi. The poem can be of any length, just so long as the pattern is followed: a 3 letter word, 1 letter word, 4 letter word, and so on...


An example of a short piem is:


How I play a round noisomely. An injury comes. (3.14159265)

Search through Pi

Using the Pi Query tool, search through pi to find your favorite number, birthday, or phone number!


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